Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm back.


I can't believe I last blogged in January.

The truth is....the past couple of years I've had some things going on in my personal life that I did not feel free to share with the world.... there are other people involved.... and I respect their privacy.

One day, they may or may not choose to share their stories...but it is't my place to do it.

And....this whole blog has been about...dealing with LIFE....not just stopping gambling...stopping gambling is NOT sucks...but the REALLY hard part is to deal with the day to day crap that the world throws at us.....and to continue to choose to live gamble-free.

Many times I've started to blog, but it was very difficult to do....without talking about the things I don't feel free to I'd scrap it.

and....the 'stuff' isn't over life today is not ALL about that (as it has been for a very long time).... I am actually beginning to live MY life again.

most of the time LOL

Anyway...I don't imagine I'll jump right back into writing daily....but....I'm back.

I'm doing well....still gamble-free.

I hope you are too....and if can be. know that.


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