Wednesday, December 5, 2007


It is baffling.

Once we realize that we have a problem and have decided that we don't want to gamble again...we MUSTN'T gamble again...we STILL want to gamble.

Many people find it useful to put 'roadblocks' into place...things that will PREVENT them from gambling.....regardless of whether or not they choose to go.

One very effective roadblock, one that I used is giving up access to money.

This means turning over all control of finances to a spouse or other relative that can be trusted.

I gave up all of my credit cards. I gave up my debit card. I received an allowance of $20 per week for personal use. I would sometimes need money to make legitimate purchases....I provided a receipt for ever transaction...accounted for every penny.


One afternoon I gambled the grocery money.

We had to 'tweak' it...we had to find a way that worked for us..anytime I'd find a loophole, we'd make a change to fix it.

For afternoon, I gambled my $20.

There was a time when I wouldn't have even BOTHERED to gamble with only $20...but...I had lowered my limit....I found a loophole.....


I decided that $5 was too little to gamble with.

There was no way that I'd ever sit down at a machine with only $5.

So that was my limit.

We didn't have to do that forever...after a while...I was able to act responsibly with money.

Another roadblock that many use is self-exclusion.

One can notify a casino or betting shop....that they wish to be 'banned'...the length of time and the procedures vary...unfortunately, one usually has to do this in person so it's a good idea to bring someone along for support.
One can ban themselves from online casinos also...but generally people just open an account elsewhere...many people have found installing software (gamblock) is an effective way to prevent one from gambling online as it blocks all gaming sites.

An old timer once told me that.....anytime he wants to gamble, he gives himself permission to do it...he says...I'll gamble next year (or next month)...I can do that...I just cannot gamble today. This works because tomorrow never comes :)

Playing my Tape is another roadblock that many find effective.

Someone said recently...that their best roadblock was time away from their last bet. So much truth there...the longer we go without gambling, the clearer we think and the stronger we become.

Basically, a roadblock is anything that one can do...that will aid in getting through the urges to gamble...without gambling :)

I met someone recently who did not have the luxury of having someone to turn over their finances to...this person would pay whatever bills had to be paid...THEN...with whatever cash was left (for food, clothing, etc.) she would buy a WalMart gift card...that way..she could purchase most anything she needed (including tires for her car!!) but did not have access to cash.
It worked for her.

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