Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's a Brain Problem

You CAN change this, you CAN get your life back, you CAN be happy...and most importantly...it IS in your hands.

It is very difficult to do alone because it IS mind stuff....

If physical changes are taking place in the brain...and they are when we gamble...(see The Science of the Brain Problem)..well...what bodily functions does the brain control? Our thoughts and our feelings.

It stands to reason that...while we're in the cycle..and our brain chemistry is altered, those functions (thinking and feeling) are altered.

I know mine were.

The key to getting 'clean', IMHO, is to somehow get our brain chemistry back to whatever is 'normal' for us...and KEEP it there.

Many things seem to be able to do that (alter our brain chemistry)...things that we ingest (drugs, alcohol, FOODS), activities (gambling does.. sex? exercise, laughing?), as well as thoughts and feelings...the PROBLEM, as I see it...with trying to do this alone is....it's too difficult to change our thinking...unless we are spending time with others who UNDERSTAND that 'skewed thinking' process....and can help us to change our thinking to one that is more 'normal'.

alone is not only lonely...it is also misleading...it keeps us enmeshed in the shame and the LIES that our 'addictive voice' tells us.

Reach out.
You deserve your life.

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