Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reasons NOT to go to a meeting.

'I might run into someone that I know. I don't want my employer/friends/anyone to find out.'

'I'm not like them.'

'They will judge me.'

'I'll be so embarrassed.'

'I will cry the entire time.'

'I'm tired.'

'The weather is bad.'

'It's too far to drive.'

'I'm sick.'

'I'm not a meeting sort of person.'


the biggest reason TO go to a meeting? We cannot do this alone.

At least *I* couldn't.

I'm sure there are exceptions...surely there are people out there who have done this all by themselves....but

me? yeah...I quit by myself...about a thousand times!
the next day, I was right back at it...

It is so difficult for me to explain (or even understand) how or why this worked for me (and for so many) but... once I found a community..a FELLOWSHIP (defined: an association of people who share common beliefs or activities)...that made all of the difference for me.

Many people that I've spoken with were terrified to attend their first meeting..and once there, felt so much RELIEF.


to address some of those 'reasons' (excuses) ---

First of all...there is a part of us now that's sole job is to talk us into gambling...we may not WANT to gamble..but there is a part of us that does...and that part is going to kick and scream about anything that might help us to stop...it wants to gamble at all costs...so it does not want us to seek help.

Being aware that that 'voice' exists can be an important tool in fighting addiction.

meetings - Many of us don't want others to know we have a gambling problem...funny....we didn't mind that they knew that we gambled???

I didn't think I was like 'them' either....and I imagine that if I walked into a g.a. room 20 or even 15 years ago...I wouldn't have had much in common with those folks (men) other than the fact that I am a c.g....but.....things are changing....gambling is everywhere...all sorts of people (ME!!!!) are becoming addicted...young, old, rich, poor, educated....it does not discriminate.... we do have ONE thing in common...and that's the only thing that matters, really....if we want help.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Anyone at a meeting was once at their FIRST meeting...and...most people felt all of these things at their first meeting...shame and fear....our two biggest obstacles to getting better.

As far as being tired, too far to drive, etc..... most of us would've jumped through all sorts of hoops in order to gamble...we went to great lengths...yet...we aren't willing to put out very much effort at all to get help.

and the biggie....I don't DO meetings. That was me. The thing is...I didn't know where ELSE to go...it's all I had....so I went....I am so glad that I did.

I now have other tools also....and other 'fellowships' (online communities)...but... I remain OPEN and WILLING....because I know where I've been...and I want my life.

I would recommend to anyone who is admitting to themself that they have a gambling problem....don't discount anything..don't listen to anyone..this is too big...this is too important...this is YOUR LIFE....check out everything...learn everything....find what works for you.

I am open to anything that may help me.

This is my LIFE.
I want it.

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