Sunday, December 9, 2007


I often hear people talk about the fact that...the odds are against us...that it's not a SMART thing to gamble.


I know that for doesn't matter WHAT the odds is not a smart thing for ME to gamble.

If my odds of winning were increased...all that would mean is that I could gamble longer.

I STILL would not walk away with money.

I STILL would not walk away any sooner.

I didn't gamble to get money...that is a lie that many of us tell ourselves...if we gambled to get money, we would leave when we are ahead.

How many times did I walk into the casino and hit a large jackpot in the first few minutes? did I leave? NO WAY!!! I came to PLAY!!!

If my odds had been better...the difference it would've made for me is that I would've gambled would simply have taken me longer to get to this 'place' in my life....

I cannot win...because even if i 'hit'...i cannot stop.

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