Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gambling to get Money

It’s nearly Christmas.
Depending upon where one is in the addiction, a compulsive gambler is likely to be broke this time of year…without having bought food and gifts.
It’s desperation time.
When one is broke.....Where can one get money?

That little voice tells us…we know where.

The Gamblers Anonymous combo book says:

This is another common characteristic of compulsive gamblers. A lot of time is spent creating images of the great and wonderful things they are going to do as soon as they make the big win.

Strange that we reason that if we WRITE a check…that somehow our bank balance will INCREASE???

Yes….we will write a (bad) check (that, of course, we will cover with our winnings)…and this time….THIS time…we will quit when we are ahead…we will because we MUST…

We HAVE left when we were ahead in the past…we can remember that feeling…we can recall how good it felt….how FULL we felt…that is what we must do today…we need money. .

Almost always…this line of thinking leads to even more desperation…more hopelessness…more helplessness.

We have to accept that gambling is NOT a way for US to get money.

Yes, people win.
But *I* cannot.

I cannot win because…even on the rare occasion that I am able to leave when I am ahead….I cannot wait to get back…I want more…I need more…I will return…and will continue to return until every thing that I have won is gone…and then I will begin chasing it….with every penny that I have available to me.

I cannot win because I cannot stop.

Every day that I do not gamble…I am a winner.

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