Thursday, December 13, 2007

Internet Based Treatment for Problem Gamblers

Exploring and Understanding Online Assistance for Problem Gamblers: The Pathways Disclosure Model
G. Cooper
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Canada
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, Canada
Published online January 28, 2004

a snippet from study found at the link below:

Help for gambling problems can be found via the Internet; many of those who address their problems in this fashion feel that they derive considerable benefit. Such benefits result when affiliation with the website plays one of two roles: (a) a primary/exclusive source of therapy (as was the case for twenty percent of partici-pants in this study); and (b) an adjunct to other meth-ods of recovery (most notably, Gamblers Anonymous). Clearly, computer-mediated communication will not be a solution for everybody. However, the challenge for academe, clinicians, policy makers and consumer advo-cates will be to discover who, and under what circum-stances, is best suited for deriving benefit from online
assistance, and to follow-up the new knowledge with appropriate action.
It is hoped that the Pathways Disclosure Model contributes to this drive for new knowledge by provid-ing a basis for understanding why online assistance may be of special interest to many problem gamblers, particularly those concerned about the effects of stigma.

The author of this study developed a 'model' of cg internet support behavior that he calls the Pathways Disclosure is illustrated and described in his report at the above link.

I found it very interesting..considering the internet has been my primary source of recovery 'support'.

*note - GaWeb is not a support community for compulsive gamblers (at least, it's not now)..but they are out there...use a search engine to locate online support communities.

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