Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Fear and shame keep us in this disease.

Once we stop gambling we must face reality.

Many of us have done things we are ashamed of....

Lying about our whereabouts
Gambling money that we could not afford to lose
Neglecting our children
Missing family functions in order to gamble
Borrowing money (often lying to get it)
Stealing (I took money that belonged to my family and was NOT mine to do with what I pleased)
The way we TREAT people (I was often in quite a mood after a large loss)

I could go on and on

I wasn't a good person when I was active in my addiction....I did things that I would never dream of doing when I am in my right mind.

I will never be proud of the things I did.....but I accept them.

I cannot undo what I have done.

What I CAN do...is the next right thing...now.

Now is all I have.

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