Tuesday, December 11, 2007


In a recent email correspondence... I was chatting with a friend about recovery…and I quoted this from the g.a. combo book:

They concluded from their discussions that in order to prevent a relapse it was necessary to bring about certain character changes within themselves. In order to accomplish this, they used a for a guide certain spiritual principles which had been utilized by thousands of people who were recovering from other compulsive addictions. The word spiritual can be said to describe those characteristics of the human mind that represent the highest and finest qualities suck as kindness, generosity, honest and humility. Also, in order to maintain their own abstinence they felt that it was vitally important that they carry the message of hope to other compulsive gamblers.

kindness, generosity, honest and humility - yeah…working on that…still plenty of work to do…but working on that…and it is making remarkable changes in my life. The changes that I am making…

I STARTED on this path because of a gambling problem….the thing is…I am not WORKING on a gambling problem…I don’t ever struggle with urges…I am finding that…working on these qualities is simply enhancing my life….and…

again from my email:

a recent weekend away kind of crystallized for me..the fact that....when I behave ...ummmm...errr... when my life is not centered around the highest and finest qualities (kindness, generous, honesty and humility) I look like a person who may or may not gamble...not necessarily that it would be a problem .......I look like a person who may or may not gamble for entertainment, even......but...in contrast.......the peg that I am becoming..the peg that I am.....gambling and me now....the two are not harmonious...it cannot be...there is no way that I could possibly gamble AND be this peg.

So….I am working on my spirituality….and the gambling thing is just falling into place, along with many other aspects of my life.

But not all of them.....but then...

I'm not done yet :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I can understand this. I struggled with the meaning of spirituality when I got sober in AA but 12 stepping and caring for others carried me through, I think, in terms of practising kindness and those higher qualities.

I was sober more than 23 years when I started to gamble. My gambling was precipitated by a neurological medication but I think I had lost my way before then. When gambling brought me to my knees I discovered a new spiritual path but fell again when the church I was in dissolved in conflict. I was too fragile to manage that and started gambling once more.

Now I am working out what is important and what is not but my relatively new found faith is still strong. The basic principles of love and kindness, hard work and honesty are the guidelines are still the same, no matter what church or group one finds oneself in. It is day 3 for me today ahd I will make it good. I can still draw on the hope and practicality that my sobriety gave me all those years ago.

I have been gradually reading through this blog and find it very helpful. Thanks :). Some of the links to other sites are not working now however.