Saturday, June 21, 2008

The biology of Addiction - Interview/Book

The Doctor that I was seeing has recently published a book.

My review at follows:

Dr. Wetsman was my physician.
Many of the answers given in this book were told to me in his office..they made a difference in how I viewed what was wrong with me and what I was/am able to do about it.
This information empowered me..knowing that I am NOT bad and I am NOT stupid...but more importantly..that I am not alone...that I can be O.K...and that I can be 'happy, joyful and free'.

He was interviewed recently, I had to register in order to hear it, but registration was free...hearing the interview was well worth can be heard at this link:

The book is
Questions and Answers on Addiction by Howard Wetsman

I have no interest in sharing this information....except made a difference in my life.

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