Sunday, June 22, 2008

How understanding the biology of addiction helps ME.

Gambling is no longer something that I crave….it’s not an issue that I must deal with daily. The thought to gamble rarely occurs to me.


I still do think of it sometimes.

Friday night my husband and I attended a was held at a casino (many are these days)...I had to pick up the tickets at the box office (I made the purchase online, so *I* had to be the one to do it..with a photo i.d. and the credit card that I'd used online)...and...we were running late -- and maybe just not thinking....he pulled up to the casino door and I jumped out to run in real quick and get the tickets.

The casino was packed full of people.

I had to walk to the other end of the casino to get to the box office (a very long walk)..

and the line at the box office was long.

There wasn’t going to be anything ‘quick’ about this.

I had the opportunity.
I had the money.
and...the crazy-a** voice did start talking.

the thing is...I now understand...that....even if I just put in a $5 bill and walk away....just a few minutes at a machine will change will start things happening inside of my head that cannot easily be undone.

The changes that will occur...will make me want to gamble more...and because of those changes in my brain...NEXT week...the CHOICE of whether or not to gamble...will be much more difficult to make....

and before you know it, I am full blown back in the cycle.

I understand that....spending a few minutes at a machine (for *ME*) is NOT 'just' spending a few minutes at a is the beginning .....

the beginning of losing who I am again.

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