Friday, August 16, 2013

Hi yall!

So I obviously still have a lot to work on.

I started out the year thinking that I was going to start blogging again regularly (I really am so much better when I do).  But somehow I cannot find the time.

Is it that?  Is it time?  Yeah, it is... but surely I have had a moment or two, here and there, in the past seven or eight months, to sit and it's more a matter of how I choose to SPEND my time.

And there have always been problems around that.... me living some crazy life committed to doing things that I feel like I absolutely MUST do (OR that I really really WANT to do) and never having enough down-time.

Now this is a problem.... but.... I know the audience to whom I speak....and if you are still gambling...or even if you are NOT gambling, but the pain from gambling is still fresh for you.... this must not seem like much of a problem at all.

and you are right.
none of this makes my husband want to leave me.  my loved ones do not suffer terribly and I am not contemplating methods of taking my life.

so in the scheme of things.
this is not a big problem.

ya know.... THAT is really how I look at 'problems' now.

when people are freaking out because they are late for this or that..... or even for some seemingly 'big' problem.... I compare it, mentally, to some big problems that I've had.

is anyone in jail?
got cancer?
do we need to plan a funeral?
is someone caught up in the throes of addiction and cannot stop?
do we need to go to 12 step meetings?
is anyone considering divorce?

I could go on....
but those are some of the biggies.

if it doesn't fall into the biggies....or that TYPE of problem.... I am pretty much able to put it in perspective.

my mantra "This is not a big problem.  I KNOW what big problems look like and THIS is NOT one of them."

Of course..... sometimes, there ARE big problems.

I know I've complained from time to time here about my health problems.

I'm really still a young woman (or I like to pretend that I am) and the past few years I have just had some of the craziest shit....
and this past April I finally landed in the hospital.  I was in and out.  Spent a total of over three weeks, had three surgeries. (originally just to look around as the drs were confused)...

I always get the weird shit.

and of course they had never seen anything like this before.
and of course, they could not fathom HOW I had been walking around for the three months prior... not doubled over in pain... blah blah blah

but it's done now.

I'm good as new.  all fixed.  took a while to heal (well... just laying in bed for weeks will take it's toll... my muscles had deteriorated... I looked awful!).

but.... as I said.... I'm all good.

So I am STILL as busy as ever.... mostly (but not all) doing FANTASTICALLY FUN stuff.

get this.... very long story, but (synchronicity)... I found myself in acting classes.... I now have an agent and am beginning to audition pretty regularly.

I think... if I had the time to go back and read my first dozen posts on this blog I would be amazed that I just typed that sentenced.

I am not looking to become a STAR.... and based on where I live, that really won't happen.  but it is possible that I could land small roles on a regular basis.  that would be my goal.

it is SOOOO much fun to be on set :)

I'll try to keep you posted.

and if something does come of it... I will finally come out of the closet.... my boys are grown and I don't think anyone gives a shit if I share any of my past with you anyway.  I'm better now.


what a lovely thing to be able to say.

I'm better now.

OK... so I'm writing because occasionally someone new will come across the blog and since it's been abandoned, they are very curious.... what has happened to me?  am I gambling?  what is my status?  can I give an update please?

I have to run.... busy day ahead......

I am good.
I am happy.
More than ever, let me say to you, that your life belongs to YOU and only YOU have the power to CHANGE it.
If you don't like where it is right now, PLEASEEEE take some action.

it isn't possible to snap your fingers and make a NEW, DIFFERENT one appear.

mine did not appear that way..... I just very slowly.... made different choices every day.

keep doing the same things, you will keep GETTING the same things.

today, change something.  one thing.
then tomorrow... change something else.

find books that inspire you.....

make your WORD the most important thing you have.
your WORD is holy.
keep your promises.
don't ever lie.
be honorable.
start small.

but start.
right this minute.

it's the only one you have.

much much love.
you deserve your life....



Unknown said...

Thank you for taking the time to share with us. It's great to hear that you are doing so well.

Anonymous said...

I like hearing from you. You really helped me when I first started out. Now I have five years of living free of gambling addiction. Once in a great while I am tempted. All I have to do is think back to that ugly time that I was in the throes of my addiction. That is not a place I want to visit ever again. It has nothing new to offer me. I can honestly say I have plenty of things to occupy myself with. Attending GA functions or just doing fun things with wonderful people I was fortunate enough to connect with in different areas of recovery. I admire those who keep trying and I let them know how much they mean to me. Sincerely, Donna