Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The box


it's a box, not a jar.

If you don't know what I'm talking about....I mentioned in yesterday's entry that I'm taking the advice of a bit I saw and shared on facebook....

So I have a few pretty boxes in assorted sizes.  I decided to use a box.

Last night both of my children came home at 11:30 pm... so my family was safe and sound under one roof (our home) at the stroke of midnight...and some old friends spent the evening with us....stayed the night and we spent all day together here, cooking, eating...just being together.

That's more or less what my first note says.

Then I sat down here...and read last nights entry....  oops... I FORGOT.... about my return to blogging...

already the 'small' good things are getting away from me and we're only a few hours into the new year.

I'm trying to remember how we spent last New Years Eve.
I don't remember.
ahhhh.... yes.... I do.

That seems like a very very long time ago. 

Lots of forgotten good times between then and now.
How sad.

OK... so it's only Jan. 1 and I'm already making mental notes to put something in the box.

Maybe I need another box....on my nightstand.
and one in my car.
or a little wallet in my purse specifically for holding my good-thing notes.

so I will actually write it when I think it.

Yes, that's definately what I need to do.

Mental note made.


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