Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

Ahhh... it's New Years' Eve.

Most people who voice an opinion on the matter are usually all about "I'm soooo glad this year is over...I hope the New Year is gonna be better."

I'd never really given it any thought...until.... one of my friends' shared this snippet... that said... this New Year, why not set a jar aside, and every time something good happens, write a little note and drop it in the jar.  Then NEXT New Years Eve, you can recall all of the wonderful things that have happened during the year.


that's different.

so I tried to see how many good things I could recall off the top of my head...mostly they're big things... more like a gratitude list.

but there were many many good (little) things that happened.  And probably BIG things that just don't spring to mind.

that's a shame.

Anyway, back to the jar.  I've heard of people having a resentment box....where you put (or burn) your resentments...and that might be really helpful to some, but it's not something I need.  but THIS....this is cool.... to SAVE memories of the LITTLE things.  The GOOD things.

I am thinking.... if I REALLY get committed to this, I am gonna need a pretty big jar.

what a nice thing to think.

I'm sure a jar of bad crap would be of sizable proportion too!  lol

but I don't want to keep a jar of the bad stuff that happens. my facebook post says;

"We are SOOO doing this at our house!!
ok-in truth;

*i* will be the only one to put anything in the jar...

and by feb 1,  I will make mental notes to put things in the jar (because im busy), but will never actually get around to doing it.

Gonna give it my best shot tho!

Just for fun....the next day, yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and mentioned it to my youngest son..."what do you think?"  he said "ummmm, I don't think I'm very fond of that idea."

i laughed.
I KNEW i would be the only one to put anything in the jar.

my husband is sitting in the kitchen and he starts WHINING that I put that on facebook.

he says... that I don't need to be sharing our families business with the world.

uh oh


Jeez... all I did was say that they wouldn't participate in my jar-thing.

He says I said that everybody in our house is a piece of shit except me (*i* will be the only one to put anything in the jar).

I certainly did not mean it that way...but now I'm thinking that if he ever DOES read this blog, I'm in big trouble.

I was actually considering 'coming out'.
you know...posting a photo....doing away with the anonymous thing....but I think I'd better keep it this way.
for now.

If you haven't already stopped gambling, today is an excellent day to do that. 
Your independence day...... 12-31-12
nice ring.

First note that's going in our jar:    I'm blogging again.

Yep, that's a good thing.

I had a lot more to say, but the guests that were supposed to come celebrate with us cancelled due to not feeling well..... and have just called to say they're feeling better and will come if we'll still have them, so I've got to run!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Later, when I told older son about the jar, he says "hmmmm.... whatever.  I'll do it if you really want to." 

He said it with the same enthusiasm as my younger son ("I'm not really fond of that idea.")  BUT... 
he'd do it for ME.

Growing up  ;)

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