Thursday, October 16, 2014

Making sense of the most unthinkable things

A local furniture store has just pressed charges against thier store manager for stealing several hundred thousand dollars over the past 6 years.

As I read the article and viewed her photo, the first thing that came to mind was... 'she was probably gambling'.

Later, the article came across my facebook newsfeed and I read the comments.  The store is in a small town, so several of the comments came from people who knew or recognized the woman... and sure enough, one of the comments said 'She was gambling all of the time'.

If I had been in a job where I had the opportunity... this could very easily have been me... even though, in my RIGHT mind, I would never think of stealing.

You know... you've gambled away the money that you needed to pay bills... and you KNOW that you can 'put it right back'... so you 'borrow' a little.

Then you can't put it back, and realize that you should've taken a little more.... because if you only had enough to PLAY with... you would surely 'hit'... and all would be well.

and so it begins.

I'm not saying it's OK.
It's NOT ok.

but damn... I feel for her.

I know how powerful this shit is and how mucked up my thinking was back then.


I KNOW that... now that I'm thinking clearly and living a 'normal' life... I am often telling you that 'You can DO this!'  and you CAN... and I'm NOT trying to make it sound easy.

It's NOT easy.

But it's sooooo important, that even though it may be the most difficult thing you ever do... you MUST.


This robs us of our money, our time, our loved ones, our self-respect, our retirement, our homes and even our personal FREEDOM.... it will take everything that we are if we let it.


I KNOW it isn't easy to stop.
I KNOW that after we stop, it still sucks.... because we've made a mess of our lives and now THAT must be addressed.

yeah I know.
I do.

but I also KNOW that it's POSSIBLE to be free.

and we deserve that.
we deserve to have a life.
and we really don't when we are 'in it'.

but we can.
you can.



Still thinking said...

Yes, we can.

I feel for that woman too. She has been living in a state of unreality.

Thanks for giving hope to many, Peg!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very insightful. Gambling addiction do change your brain chemistry, I have experience it also.