Friday, October 31, 2014

It Gets Worse.

That's the bottom line.

If you are here because you are gambling and you're in trouble (financially... with relationships... with the law... whatever)...

Know that it will get worse.

When I attended my first GA meeting... I cried the entire time.  I was scared.  I was in trouble.  I was desperate for help.

I didn't see how things could get any worse.

I didn't like what I heard at that meeting, and I did not return for several years (I think?)...

and when I DID return....

things were SO MUCH WORSE.

I'm not pushing GA here.
I'm not pushing anything.

I'm just saying....

there are two options.

Stop gambling.
or it will get worse.

Now I know we can't 'just stop'.

But then... that is exactly what we MUST do.

The thing is...

when I was gambling... my BRAIN was not OK.

If you aren't a gambler, you won't understand that... and if you are a gambler who has never been able to stop for more than a month or two, you may not understand that either....

but... after three months... after SIX months of not gambling.... my brain started changing... becoming somewhat normal again...

and the more time I had, gamble-free... the more normalized I was.

So here's the kicker.... while your brain is all-messed-up and doing everything it can to keep you gambling... you must somehow,  using your brain (which is hell-bent on gambling) to stop.


It's like telling a man with paralyzed legs that the only way he can get better is to walk.


it's not.

you know, I used to get frustrated because people wouldn't just tell me HOW.
If I just had a set of rules, guidelines, a prescription for how to get better I would do it!

but... no one would do that for me.

They can't.

I can't.

I would tell you if I knew.

On many occasions, in this blog, I have tried.
There are many examples here, of things that I did, that contributed to my success in gaining freedom.

what I DO know... is that it's possible.
No matter what ANYONE tells you about the odds of quitting for good (oh, the irony in that!)...
it CAN be done and YOU can do it.

and that if people who have an out-of-control gambling problem do not stop, it WILL get worse.

Take care of you.

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