Thursday, May 7, 2009

the housekeeper

A couple of months ago I was at a car wash...something I don't do often enough...but people were coming into town and I might have to drive them I'm there...and a Hispanic woman shows up and is speaking with the guy who's running the place....... they are speaking in Spanish...after a few moments, the man turns to me and asks if I know anyone who needs a housekeeper.


I needed help in a bad way.
but the expense....
I was having a really hard time whipping this place back into shape on my own.....and...when ya work all day long and REALLY get lots done....then stand back and can hardly tell a's discouraging.

so I talked to the woman for a while...she was inquiring for her sister.

we exchanged phone numbers and made arrangements for the following week.
I wasn't sure I could afford it long term...but I could REALLY use the least in the short term.

so it's been a few months now.
she and I were fast friends.

when we met....her family was split with different relatives....they lost their home in Katrina and one bad stroke of luck after another....and as the weeks went by...things seemed to get worse and worse for her.

but she is amazing.

she says 'Thank God' all day long.

one day I asked her about it...

'oh yes' she said
'when i wake up, I say thank God I am awake again'
then I get out of bed 'thank God I can walk....and I make breakfast, thank God'

she comes every week now....and I pay her the wage that we agreed upon...and I load her down with whatever I can to help them....and she thanks me...and she thanks God.

sometimes she cries.
we cry together....
and.....she will thank God that she has me to cry with....

we work hard when she's here.

I always go out and buy us a nice lunch...and we sit and eat together....and talk....and today....I cried....

not for any particular reason
stuff....building up, I guess.

I told her that I woke up last night...couldn't get back to sleep....worrying about things.

she said 'did you fix it?'
'then why worry?' she said.
right...I think....I know the Serenity Prayer...I smile...through my tears

she said 'whatever you are worried about...just thank God'
if you and your husband are happy, thank God...if you are fighting, thank God that you have a husband to fight with, thank God no matter what, when your kids are good, thank God, when they are bad, thank God for that too....and tell them you love them and kiss them and kiss them and kiss them, last thing before you go to sleep, kiss them and thank God'

I am looking at her as she says this to me.....this remarkable woman...with so very little....and with such unfortunate circumstances....but with such gratitude for what she does have.

and all credit goes to God....without God, there is nothing...

Often...she thanks God for bringing me into her life.

I argue with her....SHE was a gift to more ways than I could have imagined.

you know....that day at the car wash.......was the only wash I've had in 2009....and my local place was closed that day due to weather...I had to drive to the other side of town.....
the events that led to her being all so unlikely.......
but it did happen.
and I have a lovely, clean home...and a friend....
thank God.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to read this today..A GODincidence to be sure..thanks..I should read your blog every day...would you send me a copy daily..I see that is offered..

Peg said...

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