Friday, December 26, 2008

"I Bet."

It's something that many people say, without even thinking...not even MEANING that they want to "bet".

"I'll bet that hurt!"
"You betcha!"

Many compulsive gamblers in recovery try to stay away from this type of language.

I do.

and what does that do for me?

I mean...if I accidentally say "I bet...." just as a manner of speaking, does it harm me in any way?
Of course not.

and I sometimes say it without even realizing I have.

but...attempting NOT to....just reinforces on an ONGOING basis...where this compulsive gambling has taken me.

it keeps me AWARE.

I've come up with 'substitute' phrases....instead of saying 'I bet' I will say 'I'm sure' or 'I imagine'.

Not saying 'I bet' is just one more of those little things that I can do...that might help me to become who I want to be.

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