Thursday, December 11, 2008

Regret about the Past

Over and over we hear that we must put the past behind us, live one day at a time...focus on the moment.

that was a difficult thing for me to do.

I was pondering this one life....past, present and future....and I envisioned it as a time line....starting when I was born......the point where I am now....and the line continues off, to an unknown future.

On this imaginary line in my mind there are branches.

When I was born, at the very start of that line....every branch was an available option.....if I followed that path...I could have a different life.

One's grades in school can eliminate some branches....make those options unavailable.

One's behavior...getting into trouble....getting married....having children...taking any of THOSE paths can eliminate other options.

So I've got this line....and see how all of the options that I've taken have led me right to this moment.

The thing is

That line....continues off into an unknown future.

we sometimes feel like...whatever things are like at this moment is how things will always be
but they won't
things will change
they always do
our external circumstances will change...that will offer new branches...and perhaps eliminate others...
our own actions could alter what options are available to us as well.

it isn't over.
we have that path...that led us to here....and regardless of what that path was...and where we are now....we must look the branches that are still available to us....and begin, today, to make choices based on the options that we have now.

we can't go back
we can spend precious time now....wishing we could go back.....passing up todays opportunities in the meantime.

there is still living to be done....

what do i wish to do with the rest of my (time) line?

What can I do TODAY to enhance my life?

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