Thursday, April 2, 2009

prove it!

Seems like anytime I write about how important our attitude is....or even THINK how well I'm doing...the universe wants me to prove it....wants to see me 'walk the walk'....

so yesterday was one of those of those days when I easily could've 'lost it'....six months ago I probably would have....two years ago I woulda been a basket-case.

but i'm good.
my CIRCUMSTANCES could be better....but me? I'm good.

it would've been understandable...whatever my reaction was a doozy....but as my anxiety level started to increase....i asked myself questions.......what's the worst that could happen? nobody's dead......this thing is bad...but it isn't PERMANENT....this situation is will pass....and I will be ok i'll try to just be ok now.

and i was.
and i am.

sometimes....even when difficult or disturbing things happen....I can envision a time (many years from now) when this could (COULD) be a funny story......" you remember when this happened!!!"

lol- i think it will be a long long time from now before i find many of these things entertaining.....but knowing that there WILL come a time when this will NOT be important is comforting.

so i'm face whatever today has in store for me.

i think :)


Anonymous said...

Letting stressful things pass.. moving through the day.. in spite of the anxiety.. stress.. makes us stronger. And doing it without gambling.. this is the best. :)

thisjustin said...

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you can leave a smile.

Hopeing tommorow is a better day,
for you and family.

Still reading daily.

Bob ;) Winky smile