Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don’t go in or near gambling establishments

That's one of the things they say in the g.a. combo book.

Again, I had to figure out what worked for me.

'gambling establishment'


as a rule, i stay away.

and for a long time....there was no way I would even consider walking through the door...for ANY reason.

but on a few occasions I have made exceptions.

I have attended a few concerts with my husband that required me to walk thru a casino....and a few times, with large groups of people, we went in to eat.....then there was that trip to Las Vegas last year.

So I do it....if i feel strong and if it's for good reason.
Also...I walk quickly LOL

There have also been many times I refuse to go.

There have been times I just didn't feel like it was a good idea to be there....or the reason wasn't good enough--the hot nightclub is in the local casino and for a girls' night out my friends wanted to go there---
so...I'd be drinking....and without my husband....I don't think so.

but these days....in MY city...gambling is EVERYWHERE....it isn't necessarily restricted to 'gambling establishments'.

every bar, most restaurants and even most coffee shops have video poker machines.

I realized early on, that if I was in a place that had machines....if I'd never played there, it was no problem for me at all...
if it was a place that I'd spent time gambling.....being there was (sometimes) uncomfortable.
the machines seemed to call to me.

so I avoided the places that fit that criteria.
if i'd ever gambled there before...I'd eat someplace else :)

it's about listening to my insides...being aware of what i'm thinking and feeling...and DOING whatever it is that I need to do to take care of me...to keep me safe.

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