Friday, March 13, 2009

On dying...and living

I'm feeling younger than I have in a long time.

I shouldn't...since I'm older than I've ever been :)

My husband and I attended a memorial service for his uncle this weekend. He was 81.
It was an amazing service.
He lived an amazing life.

Not in a BIG way...I've never heard of him...but the people that he touched (and LOTS of folks showed up).....he made a difference their lives.

My Grammy died about six months ago....she was in her nineties....she helped to build (physically) the church building that her service was held in....and the 50 year old tree right outside the church window was a tree that she planted when she wasn't much younger than I am now.

My other Grandma will be 90 next week.

I was sitting in that service last weekend...thinking about that...about people that I've known...that have died...and the imprint (or lack of one) that they left.

I was thinking about how long many of us live now. Not all of us...but many.....Willard Scott announces quite a few centarians every week...and Willard receives more submissions than he can announce!!....that's a lot of people living past 100.

which started me thinking.....that....if *I* live that long....I haven't even lived half of my life!

and I get to live the second half as a much wiser woman. :)

55 more years (or so)?
that's a long time to be here.
a long time to do something.
to make a difference do something important..'s enough time to do LOTS of important things!!

I do wish I'd have taken better care of this body the first half tho---scary that it might have to last me another 55 years! decide how to best spend that Linda Ellis would say ' the dash'.

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