Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get it together

I had an appointment this morning and as I was leaving the house I realized my wallet isn't in my purse.'s not really a's a really skinny decorative metal thing that holds cash, credit cards, drivers license --and it was gone?

Long story took me a while to locate it even tho I had it this morning...gave the boys lunch I KNEW it was here....but it took a while.

When I finally found it...I thought 'how the h*ll did it get there???'
and the same thing happened the other day with my toothbrush...

my husband asked me why I put my toothbrush in his cup?


I didn't.

I don't use his cup.
don't get near it.

well..I *DO* use his sink (which ticks him off by the way).. so I was NEAR the cup...but I KNOW I didn't touch it

or put my toothbrush in it.


I had to have.

unless we have ghosts.
poltergeists, no less.

doubt it.

so this morning...after I find my 'wallet'....I'm thinking.....


You know....last year at this time...I was 'practicing' presence...incorporating some other things (relaxation techniques etc.) into my day as well.

When you're practicing being AWARE or are paying attention to every little thing...every sensation...everything...

when you're doing're really focused on what you're doing.

I don't think I ever drove away from the house wondering if I'd locked the front door or left the iron turned on when I was practicing presence....I KNEW what I'd done because I wasn't just going through my day....through my LIFE on auto-pilot.

so yeah....maybe this 'down' time was an opportunity for me to rethink things...and to regroup and restart.

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