Friday, September 26, 2008

The stigma

Most of us don't seek help for a long time...for many reasons.

Not the least of these, I think, is the stigma of having a gambling problem.

You state must have a great anti-gambling lobby because there is lots of information and resources...1-800 numbers on billboards, etc.

Anywhere I'd play..there would be signs displayed that say "If you have a gambling problem call 1-800..."

of course I wouldn't call.

of course I didn't have a gambling problem.

well...sure...I did have a problem...of sorts...I mean...I was gambling too much and had gotten into debt...and ...well...but it wasn't a GAMBLING PROBLEM --per se'.

people with gambling my mind...well...they weren't like ME.

I know better now :)

we are senior citizens...we are very young...
we are shy, loners
we are social butterflies
we are (or started out) wealthy
we are poor
we are successful businessmen and women
we are laborers
we are highly educated
we have had little schooling
we wear designer clothes and shoes
we get our clothes from second hand stores
we are obnoxious
we are very nice people

a few years ago, i stopped at a store to buy a pack of cigarettes and the guy behind the counter looked shocked...handed me the cigarettes and said 'you don't look like you'd be smoker.'

someone once told me at a g.a. meeting 'you don't look like a gambler'.

yeah...I thought so too.

*I* just gambled for FUN.

People who needed that 1-800 number...were nothing like me...they were...they were....???
well..they didn't LOOK like me or THINK like me or DRESS like me or ACT like me-

that's what I thought...
because I had an image..of what a problem gambler was...and it wasn't me.

This thing...doesn't care who you are or how smart you are or how successful ...
it doesn't matter if you were the prom queen...
you are not exempt.

none of us are.

We cannot get help...we WON'T get help...until we acknowledge that we need it.

There is help.

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