Friday, September 12, 2008

Have a Plan

A friend of mine is worried.

My friend doesn't have much clean time and is going to be in a vulnerable position next week.

So I said 'make a plan'.

Think about it....envision what it will be like....
where will the opportunities be?
eliminate them....
identify triggers....
avoid them.....
and....just in case you find yourself in trouble anyway...
have a numbers....reach out for help.

then....I remembered something...

Here...when you play regularly at a casino, it is wise to get a 'players card' enroll....they know who you are..address, etc. and you insert the card into the machines and they 'track' your play.

you get rewards based on the amount of play.
free hotel rooms,
free spa services (massage)
and MONEY.

HA! free :)


the more you play..the more you get

there are two casinos in my area.

when I stopped gambling in 2002 my husband took over ALL of the money..and that was good...I needed that to stop gambling

but after a few months...I wasn't gambling....i was ok
but i was broke
and i hated it.

but....WE were broke....trying to pay back the debt, etc . we were ALL doing I had no room to complain.

it was because of me.


I was getting mailings from both of those casinos.

once a month...they send you coupons to cash get your cash...
you get one coupon per week.

the coupons were for a lot of money.....especially for someone with NONE.

plus...I owed my best friend some I'd borrowed due to gambling...and I wanted to pay her back.


(note: I am not for a moment recommending that anyone try isn't smart and usually ends in disaster)

first...I decided which casino would be easiest to get in and out of 'safely'.

so I went to the store
I bought a card.....
I came home
I wrote to my friend about our friendship...about how much i love her and appreciate her...and that here is some money ....just a portion of what I owed....but...a start..

then I bought a stamp
put it on the envelope
it was ready to go....i just needed the money-

i went to the casino

i tipped the valet and told him not to park the car, I would be RIGHT out.

i brought the card in with me.
the cashier is right smack dab in the middle of the casino

i have to wait in line

people gambling all around me


i am holding my card

knowing full well...that if i do not get my money and walk right out of there

i will not be able to mail it.

and i really really wanted to send that card.

and I did it.

I got my money...put it right in the envelope...sealed it up and walked out of there.

it felt great.

* * * * * * * * * *

anyway....I didn't really HAVE to do put myself in that situation...and I probably shouldn't have...but sometimes...we ARE in situations that are...uncomfortable or dangerous......when we know this, in advance, it is a good idea to 'have a plan'.

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