Saturday, September 13, 2008

Relaxation Techniques

In the early is CRITICAL that we RELAX and SLOW DOWN.

I have said this many times.

I was talking to someone the other day...who is in the cycle...trying to break free...who said 'I think I need to relax and slow down.'


well...identifying our needs is a huge step, isn't it?!

I didn't KNOW how to do that.

well.... I used this thing..for help me to fall asleep...and I sort of abbreviate that method when I'm not in a horizontal position and able to snooze for a bit :)

when I notice, for instance, that I am gripping the steering wheel tightly (stress)...I will remove my hands (while stopped LOL) close them into a fist very tightly...then release....several times...

when i'm having a hard time falling asleep, I start at my toes and do this all the way up (if I last that long).

if a fire started in my home after I'd done this...I 'd likely burn to death...I'm too relaxed to move at all.

anyway--- I recently learned that this is a technique that actually has a NAME (Progressive Muscle Relaxation)..

but there are others as well...other techniques...find something that works for you...a way to just SLOW down......

then practice it often.

here's an article on Relaxation techniques from May Clinic:

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