Monday, January 19, 2009

Change is hard

funny how...with time......lots of those sayings I've heard all of my life come to have different meanings for me...or maybe I really understand the true meaning for the first time?

I've always hear that...'change is hard'.

I used to think 'not for me!'

I like change :)

a new job...change, to me = 'fresh start'.

I know that for some people..ANY sort of change is of my children really likes routine....any change at all...even a change that you THINK would be a GOOD change can really rock his world.

so I used to think.....'yeah, change is hard for some people'

but now

i'm starting to think....that what this really means is CHANGING is hard.

not EXTERNAL changes....

things that change who I AM are difficult.

I've noticed.....since I've been paying attention to how life works...that usually, we change through crisis.


AFTER I've isn't so is the CHANGING that is so difficult....

being a caterpillar is ok
and being a butterfly is ok too.......

the metamorphosis from one to the other.....and the FEAR of what will be, once the crisis/change is complete......THAT is where acceptance comes in.

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