Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Once we stop.....

For some of us, once we stop gambling our lives begin to get better rather quickly.

But for others of us.....once we stop....we have a painful reality to face.

Maybe it's the aftermath of our's whatever we were escaping from to begin with (if, in fact, we were escaping).

Those problems didn't go away when we gambled....we just ignored them.
Once we stop....
it can be hard.

For a long time, any stress or anxiety would initiate an overwhelming feeling to 'run' ....and my running was to a machine.

I had to learn new techniques for dealing with those times.

It was a yucky morning at my house and that 'fight or flight' kicked in......but these days...that desire to 'run' is no longer to a machine....I thought....
I will meditate.

I haven't done that in a while actually.
my sister in law stopped smoking a few weeks back and she told me yesterday that she bought a meditation cd....her husband is poking fun of her :)
I think she's got the right idea. I go relax...and clear my 'numb' to it for a little a way that doesn't self-harm.

Take care of you.

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