Saturday, January 10, 2009

Discovery and Empowerment

I came across this site...for 16-steps for Discovery and Empowerment...

I've talked before about how I see lots of value in the 12 step programs...but I do not believe it is the only path to recovery....but I sort of draw from it....and tailor it to my needs...

I've never attempted to sit down and write my own 'personal' steps...but if I did...I think it'd look a lot like these....

Anyway...I've ordered three of her books and I imagine I'll be talking a lot more about what Dr. Kasl has to say about recovery.

I'm excited again.
This present crisis has passed.
I can get back to the business of living.

Being the compulsive person that I am...when there is something important that must be addressed...I am consumed with it until it is done.

One more thing for me to work on.
I'll put it on the list :)

The last four months have been really rough...painful.
But I was right.
It did pass (it always does)..

It's good to be back. catch up on these emails ----

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