Saturday, January 3, 2009

Never stop trying

I met another new friend recently.

We've been emailing a bit....and when we met face to face we were talking about how to FEEL better.

Lots of people show up at gambling-help sites wanting to know 'how do i stop?'

or even 'how do i STAY stopped?'


really...what we all want to do is FEEL better.

I mean...if I'm not gonna gamble and i'm still gonna be miserable...what's the point?

There are ways....finding others like ourselves...face to face or online groups...therapy...meditation....prayer.

learning some of the 'universal truths' that are promoted in recovery....
the serenity prayer.

Gambling doesn't make me feel badly any more.

I'm living my life now.

But sometimes LIFE makes me feel badly.

fortunately....those things that i've learned in 'recovery' apply.

the thing is...even tho I KNOW that 'this too shall pass' and that 'i must accept what i cannot change' and that 'i should focus on what is immediately before me' and all of those other things that I know...

it doesn't mean that it's a magic thing...
KNOWING those things doesn't just make all of the cr*p go away.

I keep FOCUSING on those things...and
I am feeling better
more like myself

even tho my external circumstances haven't changed.

the situation is the same...but *I* am changing....I am beginning to be OK DESPITE what is going on around me.

i often say, with regards to how to quit gambling 'never stop trying to stop'
and now...i say it too..with regards to trying to feel better 'never stop trying'....

if what you've been doing isn't helping....change it.....

just keep trying...doing whatever you can do today.....for you :)

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