Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life without limbs

My husband and I were out Friday night and we ran into an acquaintance who stopped to talk with us for a while.

Mostly, we talked about struggles with our children....but during the conversation, he mentioned a video that he'd recently watched online.

You know...the people that send you those emails that go round and round the web?? Well...a friend of his sent him this link...and when he started to talk about it, I said "Yessssssssss....I have seen it too!"

It was a long time ago (a year or more?) when MY friend sent ME the link......but was one of the really GOOD ones....


Saturday night, I was reading posts at Safe Harbor....and a friend of mine posted that he'd just watched the same guy.


When something keeps recurring in my life...I assume that 'someone' (God...the Universe...SOMEone) is trying to tell me something.

I'm not always sure what that 'something' is.....but I just went to youtube to find the guy again....I did not remember his name (it is Nick Vujicic) so I just searched for 'no arms no legs' and some of his videos came right up.

I've just watched a few of them.

While watching him do answer a telephone...shave his face...swim...and speaking to large audiences....

I was thinking.....

how few human beings impact as many lives as this young man does....
and how few of us seem as satisfied as he does.... my own life....I almost always have a 'plan' for how things are supposed to be ....or for how I WANT them to be....and when things don't go according to MY plan I FIGHT that. Inside, if not out.

I often confuse what I WANT with what I NEED....

what I THINK things should be like...with what IS.

In our family counselling session last week...the counsellor was speaking to my son...explaining how....there are some things we do NOT get to choose.

He must attend school for example.

But within that....there are school he will attend.

And then....there are things he cannot must follow the rules of that particular school (he must perform service hours, for instance)...

but....he may select how and where he chooses to serve.

He does not HAVE to drive...but if he CHOOSES to do so...then he HAS to pay for his car insurance.....but he can CHOOSE how he goes about earning that money.

Once again
it all boils down to ACCEPTING the things we cannot change

and changing the things that we can.

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