Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I talk to lots of people....friends I've met online...and family and friends in my 'real' world.

We've all got problems.
Many different kinds of problems....but we've all got them.

Well...maybe not every single DAY.

I've gone thru periods of time where life was pretty good and I didn't really have any complaints....I imagine most of us have those times too.

Sometimes we look at other people and think "what a wonderful life they have-- they have it so easy"

I guess....when we see people who don't have the same problems WE do...we think assume all must be well for them.

For instance....when we are struggling financially...we look at wealthy people and imagine that their plight is easier because they don't have to worry about money.

I thought that I'd told this story before, but if I have, I can't find forgive me if I repeat myself....but

years ago I worked as a secretary for this man.
He was quite fond of me, in a fatherly sort of way.
I was 19..newly married and quite unhappy.
Everyone who knew me knew that.

One morning he told me this Yiddish saying...I'm sure I don't recall the details accurately...but I have thought back on (and repeated) it many times over the years.

He said that everyone has problems...sometimes we look at people and it doesn't appear that they do...but....
if everyone in the world were to stand in a circle put their troubles in a box....
each person would put thier box in the center of the circle.
each person has to go in and select a box...let the problems within be your own....
it would be unwise to do anything but select your own box....because there is no real way to know what's in anyone elses box.

* * *
I'm having UPS and downs....
but getting through this.

and I hope that you are making your way through whatever it is that you are presently dealing with also.

this, too, shall pass.


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