Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Find a way

If you're just seeking help/information for the first time....welcome....there are many resources to help people with a gambling problem.

Gambler's Anonymous Meetings are the most widely known resource but there are many online groups as well.

I highly recommend finding a group that suits you...and participating.

If you are unable or unwilling to participate actively...at least READ (lurk) on a regular basis.

It helps.

If you have tried and tried to quit without success....CHANGE something.

Many of us were unable to stop if given the choice to carry on.

I couldn't.

I gave up my access to money.

Most of us are loathe to do that.

I understand.

I wasn't crazy about it myself....but...for ME it wasn't a permanent thing...and it worked.

With no money, one cannot gamble.

I had no credit cards and I had to account for every penny that I DID spend.

I tried not to be resentful during that time....to recognize that it was for my GOOD...that it was HELPING me.

Sometimes it felt that way, sometimes not.

But I'm free now. :)

I have friends that managed to break free by banning themselves.

I'll bet that's D*MN hard to do....walk into a place, fill out paperwork saying 'dont let me come here again'.

but it's easier than those rides home were.

a lot easier than that.

Putting up roadblocks like this isn't gonna save us if we are determined to gamble....
and different roadblocks work for different people.

and even....different roadblocks work for the SAME person..at different points in time.

if you're trying to stop....and you gamble....try to think of a roadblock that might've prevented THIS particular 'outing'...and put it into place...so there isn't a NEXT time.

I know...
it's hard to do
when you want to stop
you really DON'T want to stop too.

The thing is....we DON'T want to stop...because we LOVE it....or because it's FUN...or...it's the only thing that makes us HAPPY...

but if that's true

why DO we want to stop?

we are probably NOT feeling very happy if we are online, looking for help for a 'gambling problem'


it IS a problem.

that's the thing isn't it?

we want to gamble and for it NOT to be a problem.

some people do.

why not us?

we spend a lot of time trying to understand this...trying to figure it all out...trying to make it work (so that we can continue to gamble without hurting ourselves).

I give it a lot of thought too....still.


whether I understand it or not....deep down...I know what must be done.

I imagine you do too.

Take care of you,

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