Monday, October 13, 2008

Ups and Downs

For a long time I've had skip in my know....a few ups and downs here and there, but basically life's been good.

But know...things change....and while I still have a wealth of things to be grateful's sometimes hard to see remain grateful for them anyway.

The yucky stuff gets overwhelming.

I haven't see my therapist for a while...haven't needed to....i've been fine...but I slept most of the day yesterday and I'd really like to continue that husband asked me to call go have a talk.

I should.
I probably will.
Don't feel like it right now.

For a week I've been saying I feel the need to just spend a day in bed and cry.....think I'll do that today.
then maybe will call for an appointment later.

It's quite remarkable, to I go from THAT THIS....and knowing that I will go back time.

i'm so tired.....

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