Sunday, October 19, 2008

How do I change?

Well see....

If I decide that I need to become more organized, for instance (which I very much need to do) do I do that?

'be more organized' is so general.

I cannot just...wake up tomorrow and 'be more organized'.

so what CAN I do?


I can organize what is before me right now.
this minute.
if I am bringing in the mail...rather than just set the pile on the counter (maybe on top of yesterday's mail)....I can do this ONE an organized manner...I can pitch anything that is junk mail....put any bills in the 'to be paid' box...and file away anything that needs to be saved.
right now.

doing that one small act doesn't 'make me an organized person'...
if...i do the NEXT thing I do in an organized fashion....if I continuously do the task at a more orderly way....
one day
i will realize
that i am no longer an unorganized 'person'.

sometimes....when I suddenly 'get' these things...those old sayings ('Rome wasn't built in a day' or even 'one day at a time') ring true...and I think...geez....why didn't I see this a long time ago?

I'm do the next right thing...
you have a good day :)

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