Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I'm reading a book entitled 'The Spirituality of Imperfection'.

It isn't a book FOR or ABOUT A.A. necessarily ---but it does reference AA quite a bit.

here's a snippet:

" is the unconventionality of AA's spirituality-its wariness of the dogma and directives of organized religion- that has appealed to so many men and women who, like Bill Wilson, could not find the answer to their despair in conventional religion. For although it insists on the necessity of 'the spiritual' for recovery, AA has always presented it's program as 'spiritual rather than religious.' The problem with organized religions, Bill Wilson once complained, 'is their claim how confoundedly right all of them are.' The spirituality of imperfection that forms the heart and soul of AA mkes no claim to be 'right'. "

I've been pondering this....


yesterday, I was having my hair hairdresser is my friend and this is a time for us to 'catch up' on each others' lives...we have children the same ages, lots in common....many of our talks are on a 'deep' level...

so she asks me what therapist I see.

I tell her I haven't seen her in a while..I'm doing ok...but I'll give her the info before I leave...

she just seem to learn so much from her.

well...I have.

but....I knew that she was under the wrong impression.

The things that I talk about with her....forgiveness...acceptance....relationships....these are not things that I've been taught by my therapist....

I've learned these things in 'recovery'.

So I've been thinking...about this 'spiritual program'...and how....

while there are many references to God....this program, as I see it, differs from religion in is not about 'getting to heaven' isn't at all about living in the hereafter.

My spirit

If I have one

and I believe that I do..

is here with me


in THIS life.... focus...on my on what and how my spirit is doing NOW.

It's about how to live THIS the best possible way.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo ....
Love your interpitation.

Bob S'toon