Monday, April 7, 2008

Are you in a great deal of pain?

That’s the bottom line, isn’t it?

I’ve read some things that imply that most of us endured some tragedy as a child…or weren’t loved or nurtured properly.

That wasn’t true for me.

My parents weren’t perfect…but they were pretty great and my childhood was actually pretty good. Really good even.

We didn’t have a lot of money…we weren’t poor… we didn’t have a LOT….BUT

We had a lot of love.

I always felt loved…and nurtured.

So then…why me?

How did *I* end up this way? (most people who know me are quite surprised to discover).

I don’t think we can actually qualify HOW or WHY someone is in pain (childhood neglect or some other traumatic event)…the fact is…I am…..and….my guess is…so are you.

I first realized this when I started using the chat room at Safe Harbor.

We are encouraged, there, to ‘share’ our stories…..and to share whatever is going on with us…. That’s where I first learned that our FEELINGS are our problem.

And I learned

That there is so much pain.

Each of us….has a story…..or many stories really….and some of those stories…are involve pain.

I think that….a great deal of what is ‘wrong’ with me…is that I don’t (or didn’t) understand much about feelings…and pain in particular.

It’s an intense subject.

I’ve tried to write about it a few times recently….I struggle.

I will be addressing it, in bits, I think.

What we’ve done in the past hasn’t worked for us.

We must learn a better way.

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