Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kimber's wedding

On 10-30-06 I 'wandered' into safe harbor chat room and there were four people in the room.

I am very fond of each one of them.

Not necessarily because they were there and participated in a pivotal moment in my life...although, that is ONE reason :)

They are each unique, special people who have contributed to my the quality of my life.

One of those people, I became particularly close to.
In those early months, I barely slept...I was always in that was a way back to the REAL world.

She and I were night owls...we'd chat for hours.

anyway....I'm not there so much any more...and neither is she...but she is getting married this weekend, and I will be attending the wedding :)

she lives in Canada.
I board a plane at 6 am tomorrow morning and arrive in Halifax about 13 hours later...just in time to make the rehearsal.

it's surreal...that I am going.
I told my sixteen year old and he said "you're going to a wedding for someone you have never met???? that's reTARDED!" LOL

someone that i've never met.

we've spoken on the phone.
we've chatted online for countless hours.

no....i've never 'seen' her face-to-face...but we most certainly HAVE met.

we met on 10 30 06.

Back late Sunday night --
take care of you,

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