Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A bed of roses??

Sometimes there seems to be 'themes' that are running through my life...I will have a conversation with someone...then someone ELSE will post on the same just keeps coming up over and over.

It's happening now.

I have a friend in recovery who sends out an email that he calls the 'gift of the day' and today's gift deals with the fact that...once we stop 'using'.... we often expect that life will be..well ..wonderful.

Some people experience least temporarily....I have heard it referred to as the 'pink cloud'...

whether you end up on that cloud or will inevitably turn on you, as it tends to do.


no matter WHO we are...compulsive gamblers...or perfect saints (ha ha) we are going to have snags.

we are going to have cars that break
people will let us down
we will lose people that we love
we will experience disappointments of all shapes and sizes


when we choose to 'numb out' to those things....we unfortunately numb to EVERYTHING...including...the moments that would otherwise give us pleasure..or joy.

The gift of the day says "The difference is, now we can keep these situations in perspective. No problem means the end of our world. Before, even the smallest of problems sometimes devastated us."

It took me a while to get learn how to calm keep things in took practice.

Until I was able to do that on my own (and still occasionally)...I turn to my friends....who are practicing these things in thier own lives....

I call it staying 'grounded'.
Keeping it real.

No...stopping gambling is NOT going to turn our lives into a magical garden of joy and tranquility.

there is no such thing.

but....stopping gambling gives me the clarity of mind that allows me to become self aware....and to learn

and how I can continue to TRULY live it....and be matter what.

I have often heard it said...that 'my worst day now is better than my best day gambling'.

some may scoff at that..thinking...I remember this ONE day when blah blah blah


if you're here....if you're reading this....then...I imagine...that ONE day was overshadowed by other, painful my OWN experience....those gambling days that were so WONDERFUL....

were just another part of the illusion.

Today, I'm keeping it real.

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