Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Throwing the baby out with the bath water?

I've been thinking....

I wonder if one of the reasons that more people aren't successful in g.a. is because....

We *KNOW* that SOME of the stuff that they 'claim' is we discount ALL of it. ???

I ran into a woman recently. She is managing a local shop. I knew her several years ago....we were both in trouble.

We talked for a few moments.
We are both free.
She looked great...happy...I'm sure I did too...I certainly FELT that way.

So we talked....she said....she was able to pay off her (rather substantial) debt without her husband ever finding out....and that she hadn't gambled in ages....and doesn't plan to....ever...

I know this woman's circumstances well enough to know that she would have answered yes to more than seven of the twenty questions. a LOT more than seven.

but she hasn't gambled in years?
and she never attended g.a.
not once.
and she is HAPPY???

so......would g.a. say that she isn't a REAL compulsive gambler?
what about the 20 questions?
I mean...if SHE isn't a REAL compulsive gambler (and can do this all by herself) then maybe *I* am not a REAL compulsive gambler (and can do this all by myself). >>I'm not really suggesting this....I am trying to illustrate the conclusion that many of us would come to.

and...there's the 'meetings make it' slogan

but I know many people who have been attending meetings regularly for years....and they still gamble...

I'm not trying to discredit G.A.
not at all.

What I *AM* that....since a LOT of what they teach *IS* accurate and *CAN* be useful...let's not discount the program completely because we don't agree with EVERYTHING.

yeah, yeah....they tell us....we cannot pick and choose what parts of the program suit us.....and...our thinking got us into trouble not to rely on our thinking.... more thing that I disagree with :)

don't they also say to 'take what you need and leave the rest' ?

most of the information available to us, about 'us' is found in that's a shame that many of us deny ourselves that.

after all...the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gambling.

'they' may tell us "you MUST do this" or "you CAN'T do that"

but the person in charge of my me.
the person in charge of my me.

I am willing to do whatever it live MY life....

whether it's popular or not.

I don't feel the need to argue whether or not I am 'right' (and it's not my convince 'them' that they are 'wrong')....if what I am doing is is right for ME.

If whatever you are doing isn't working for you....change it.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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Anonymous said...

picked a good day to check your posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!right on..sistah!!!

You know..its funny, now that I dont post daily and do read, a funny thought came to mind.."stepford" posts..hahhahah..all sound the same, life is not ALL THE SAME>>it has different aspects..for sure..anyway, great post..hugs..xoxox