Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doing what I should do.

The clock in my car is an hour fast.

Daylight savings time ended on November 4, 2007…and I haven’t turned back the clocks.

Just because I KNOW what I should do…doesn’t mean I DO what I should do.

Why is that?

I *AM* getting better…DOING better….being more responsible….at least, a LITTLE more.

I am, once again, barely scraping by financially…waiting for payday…BUT…I haven’t overdrawn my account in a while…and I (pretty much) know what my bank balance is most of the time.

That’s better.

I haven’t missed an appointment in a long long time…oh…not true…I did miss one recently…but…it was on an exam day, just before Christmas…hectic time…it was an honest mistake that even a ‘normal’ person might make.

Doing much better there too.

Generally, I am able to cope…with whatever comes my way…I *DO* occasionally ‘lose it’ with my boys…but….teenager’s will do that to ya.

I’ll allow myself that…occasionally.

I’ve stopped smoking.
I’ve begun (barely) to de-clutter my home.
I am getting better (a wee bit) at being present.

Geez… I’m feeling a somewhat better…started out writing this, thinking of all the things that I know I SHOULD do but don’t…but I AM getting SOME things done.

OK…so my SHOULD do list is still quite long…but little by little…I am making progress.

Not sure if I should change that clock tho….we’re kind of used to it….if I turn it back now, we’ll likely be an hour late for everything we do…for a while.


If you always think the way you have always thought
you will always feel how you always felt
And if you always feel how you always felt
Then you will always do what you have always done
If you always do what you have always done
Then you will always get what you have always gotten
If you always get what you always got
Then you will always think how you always thought.

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