Sunday, January 6, 2008

Relapse Prevention Plan

One of the things that g.a. says, to prevent relapse, is not to test or tempt ourselves. Don't associate with acquaintances who gamble. Don't go in or near gambling establishments.

Acquaintance, defined:
Knowledge of a person acquired by a relationship less intimate than friendship.


A person whom one knows casually

Sometimes..there are people in our lives (spouses, other family members, close friends) who gamble and whom we are unable or unwilling to stop associating with.

And these doesn't have to go out of one's way to enter a 'gambling establishment'. In my city, every bar and nearly every restaurant as well as every convenience store has SOME sort of gambling....not to mention the folks that have become hooked on internet gambling from their very own living room.

We are going to be tested and tempted.

I refuse to live in fear of the next bet...but I have a healthy respect for the power of my addiction..and the havoc it can wreak.

In a few months, I will travel to Las Vegas with my husband for a business trip.

There was a time when I would have said that I cannot do wouldn't be safe.

It's not a place that I would choose to go...for any other reason...but this is important to him...and gambling has taken enough from him....I am determined that it will not take any more...I will go.

But prudence demands I have a plan.

A relapse prevention plan.

I found many worksheets on the web that would aid one in creating thier own relapse prevention plan...and it's probably a good idea for anyone in recovery to go through the process of making one.

My plan, for this upcoming trip, consists of the following:

I have friends in recovery that live in Las Vegas...notify them that I am coming to town, in the event that I need them...and be sure to have their phone numbers handy.

I will have a list of local g.a. meetings with me.

I may plan in advance to meet someone at a g.a meeting (I've heard Las Vegas has wonderful meetings) just for fun...whether I need it or not.

I will have many other friends in recovery (all over the world) available to any time, day or night.

I will not carry cash while I am there.

I will not carry cards while I am there.

If I decide to shop while I am there, I will borrow a card from my husband, which I would never risk doing anything 'iffy' on.

The thing is....I do not feel that I am in danger of gambling while I am there (especially with roadblocks in place).

More than anything, I feel that, being there...walking through casinos, etc. could awaken a desire that has been dormant...and that...I could return HOME and be in some sort of danger.

but then....that danger would exist because I didn't expect it...I think that...I will plan to leave roadblocks in place for a while, after returning home..regardless of whether or not I think I need them.

I will explain the plan to my husband.. I do not want him to worry about me...but I want him to know that this is serious stuff...and that I am taking it seriously.

I want my life.

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Some sites that I used to develop my own relapse prevention plan--

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Anonymous said...

yes very interesting and all very relevant. fail to prepare. .prepare to fail. and you have prepared well and this has helped me realise that as a recovering compulsive gambler..i must take heed and do the same