Sunday, March 9, 2008

I was wrong

Life can be better than it has ever really can.

I'm talking about YOUR life.

For me, several things had to come together all at once in order for me to 'get it'..... for recovery to really 'kick in' but...if I wasn't TRYING then it would not have happened.

which is why I say....never stop trying to stop.

For a long long time, I couldn't help myself...and then, one day, I could. I wish I knew exactly what it was....why...or how we stay stuck for so long..then's like a switch is turned...and it is possible.

what I DO know is....

I did not think things would ever be ok again.

I did not think *I* could be ok.

I did not think I could be happy.

I did not think my life would ever be happy.....

Guilt, shame, regret...and DAMAGE was all I could see...and I did not see a way out.

and here I am.

on the other side of it all....

what I know is.....I WAS WRONG....

I am ok.
All is well.
Life is good.

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